Budget coffee shop 7x7

Budget coffee shop 7x7 Characteristics of the project: 7 x 1-storey, 7 x 7, with attic, European style shop with a gable roof, square, with terrace, from 50 to 100 sq. m.Facade of the building is built in the Finnish style. Text about the company. Photo source: https://dom-bt.com/The exterior of the house is simple, but beautiful. At the same time, despite the simple appearance, the interior is very interesting. Here is the project in more detail with the price and characteristicsThe entrance to the house is provided by one-from the terrace. Entering the house, we find ourselves in a lobby. The area is 6X7 m, and the staircase to the second floor is comfortable and comfortable for the arrangement of furniture and useful things for the sleeping area. Front of the house, rear view. Photo source: https://dom-bt.com/The entrance to the house is supposed to be provided by the terrace, which is covered with a roof, and we immediately get into the kitchen-living room. According to its purpose, the room is used as a kitchen area, as well as as a bedroom. In the living room, there is a place for a sofa, a dining table and a storage system. The kitchen is square, its area is 11.4 sq. m. In the middle, sitting area is placed the refrigerator, which is hidden behind the countertop. Here is a selection of similar small projects with prices and layoutsFrom the living room we get to the bedroom, which has an area of 10.3 sq. m., which is conveniently placed to accommodate a comfortable double bed. The bedroom is smaller, 13.2 sq. m. Here is a selection of similar small projects with prices and layoutsFrom the bedroom we go directly to the living room with an area of 19.5 sq. m., where you can place a sofa for relaxation, and a comfortable sofa for a comfortable rest.Layout of the first floor. Photo source: https://dom-bt.com/ If you are interested in any details about this house or have an opinion on how to make its layout better, please like and write a question in the comments and we will be happy to answer you! Subscribe to our channel, there are a lot of interesting things about the dacha, as well as new projects of country houses every day!